Art Director + Designer

Doral is a city outside of the greater Miami area that went from Everglades to Industrial Center to the home of over 60,000 people. The Doral Glades Park wanted to see its green space expand by curating its first ever environmental park and only nature center. It came to my team with looking for help with its display designs and 6 concepts for interactive games that would live in its center. The ultimate goal was to spread knowledge and awareness. 

In Native vs. Invasive, the player will take a quick quiz to determine whether they are a local or a visitor to the Everglades. As they navigate through the quiz, visitors are prompted to learn more about different plants and animals. Contrary to what you would think, kids were not the target audience, but adults. It wanted the interactives to look scientific and mature, changing the whole direction of my design from vector based icons to real-life photography. Although we were targeting adults, I still wanted the game to be enjoyable and pleasing to the eye. Just because something is scientific, doesn't mean it can't be modern or have style?

My color scheme of blue + green fit perfectly with the game. Not only did the shades of color vibe nicely together, the very first question asked in the game is "Land or water?" As far as composition, I decided to keep things balanced, minimal, and clean without too much distraction so the viewers could focus on the importance of the Everglades ecosystem. 

Grand-opening video.

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